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Fatema ALShehhi Advocates and Legal Consultants team of Civil Lawyers in UAE are specialized in all aspects of civil and commercial law. Our diverse team brings rich expertise in varied areas, including but not limited to civil litigation, arbitration, commercial disputes, breach of contracts, corporate matters, employment disputes, compensation claims, maritime, real estate, debt collection, and intellectual property matters, and more.

The subject of civil law is generally about the social liberties and legitimate dealings between two private or public parties. Nevertheless, not all dealings or agreements reach their addressed destinations thus leading to unwanted legal disputes between both parties to resolve the issue evolved out such relation. It is a particularly independent subject matter from criminal law, which centers around criminal offenses, for example, street offenses, burglary, or attack. 

Commonly, civil law governs the areas such as real estate, tenancy, corporate/commercial contracts, or professional negligence. Our team of Civil Lawyers in the UAE attempt to prompt each person, corporate sector, and venture in the legitimate path according to their requirements. 

Our expert civil lawyers or counselors in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and any other emirates of UAE possess the ability to deal with a matter from a preliminary stage until the result with precision. Our team can legally represent clients in each court registered within the country.

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