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The crime of drug smuggling in Dubai can lead to a criminal charge. The definition of drug trafficking is the trafficking or dealing of illegal drugs and/or the sale or exchange of drugs. Heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and tramadol are the most common drugs found in drug smuggling cases. The laws of the United Arab Emirates impose severe punishment on this criminal anti-drug activity. 

The penalty can be up to life imprisonment and the death penalty if you are convicted a second time. Your rights and freedom may be at stake if you are accused of a drug crime in the UAE. Hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney will provide you with the best possible outcome for your drug smuggling case. A drug-trafficking conviction can lead to long-term incarceration. 

Our legal team at Fatima Al Shehhi Law Firm and Consultation has defended clients in the UAE Courts and achieved the best results in this field. Our legal team has the education and commitment to defend you against drug trafficking charges. Contact our offices today so that we can review the facts surrounding your case and establish a working relationship with you to ensure you get the best out of your drug smuggling case in Dubai.

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