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About Financial Crimes

Financial crime is the unlawful misuse or fraud of cash, property, and/or tools. Also referred to as white-collar crime. Financial crimes include various charges such as embezzlement, credit card fraud, bank fraud, loan fraud, money laundering, bounced checks,s, and bribery, each charge regulated by a special law and its consequent penalty. When it comes to financial crime, we understand that there is plenty of room for misunderstanding and a lack of awareness of the ever-changing rules and regulations regarding financial crime. 

At the law firm Fatima Al Shehhi Advocates and Consultations, we defend all types of financial crime charges whatever the charge is. In the law firm of Fatima Al Shehhi Advocates and Consultations, we have sufficient experience in defending clients who find themselves under investigation or indictment in money laundering crimes. We have been successful in getting money laundering charges dismissed and returning confiscated property as part of a money-laundering investigation. 

Our legal team has the specific skills and knowledge needed to successfully defend individuals facing federal money laundering charges.

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