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Insult and Slander

About Insult and Slander

The criminal law defines defamation when the accused declares that the victim has committed a crime or an incident that makes him an object of contempt in society, for example for someone to say to one of them: You stole valuable jewelry from the store last year, or you stole money belonging to another by way fraud, and so on. The penalty for the crime of defamation as regulated by the Penal Code in Articles 371 to 374 is imprisonment for a period of up to two years with a fine or one of them. 

The insult in the criminal law is for the accused to accuse the victim of insults to honor and consideration, without referring to an incident that actually occurred, for example, for someone to say to one of them: You are a thief or you are a thief, and leaving the matter of that attribution at all without specifying what it is.

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