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Public authorities monitor various activities on the Internet to monitor cybercrime and search for perpetrators, and they can also issue an order to seize computers. Contrary to the popular belief that deleting a file or content from a computer makes the deleted file disappear forever, as the public authorities specialized in cybercrime possess specialized programs, time, and material capabilities to recover and retrieve any file or content that has been deleted or removed from the computer. 

Internet crimes include possession or distribution of pornography on the Internet, electronic piracy, fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft (username and password), as well as online extortion, fake online investment portfolios, lotteries, online gambling, and fraud by Internet auctions and fraud using forged documents online, and e-mail hacking, all of these acts constitute crimes whose perpetrators can be prosecuted according to the Law on Combating Information Technology Crimes No. 5 of 2012.

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