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Insurance is a way to face the risks that a person is exposed to in his entity or money. Nowadays, insurance covers many details of our lives, some of which are related to human life in itself, such as health and life insurance, insurance against accidents and occupational diseases, and against the risks of practicing the profession, such as the professions of medicine, engineering, law, accounting, etc. insurance for a third party, insurance on fixed property such as houses and real estate, insurance on machinery and equipment, insurance on factories, and insurance on movable property such as cars and pleasure craft, and insurance against theft, fire and natural disasters. Insurance has become an important element in our lives, its types have multiplied, and its purposes are intertwined. Today, you rarely find an activity without insurance cover.

The need for the services of an insurance consultant and insurance attorney has become more urgent than in the past, especially since topics, disputes and issues occupy an important part of the cases brought before courts and arbitration centers. The Insurance Authority in the UAE regulates and supervises this sector in accordance with Federal Law No. 6 of 2007. Many companies provide Takaful insurance services. These types of insurance services are available in the UAE, such as:

  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Real estate insurance
  • Third party insurance (including vehicles, personal accident insurance, Workers insurance against work injuries, train accident insurance, cash insurance).
  • Insurance against occupational risks
  • Insurance against fire risks
  • Insurance against theft risks
  • Marine insurance

Health insurance in the UAE - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi government, through the “Thiqa Program,” provides comprehensive medical coverage for all Emirati citizens residing in Abu Dhabi. “Daman” company provides trust cards for all Emiratis residing in Abu Dhabi. These cards allow for treatment in a large number of public and private health care facilities, which are included in the network of the National Health Insurance Company.

It also includes a wider geographic coverage and offers additional medical benefits. In order to be eligible to join the “Thiqa Program”, citizens residing in Abu Dhabi between the ages of 18-75 shall undergo the “Weqaya” check-up program run by Abu Dhabi Department of Health. A medical examination is conducted to determine the factors that cause heart disease, and it is not exempted from it except in exceptional cases only.

Health insurance in the Emirate - Dubai

“Saada” is the health insurance program for Dubai citizens, and it aims to provide insurance coverage for citizens who do not currently benefit from any other government health program affiliated with the Emirate. The program provides medical and health services within a wide network of health care providers in the private sector, in addition to the services they receive in the health centers of the Dubai Health Authority.

The “Saada” program relied on the use of the identity card instead of the conventional insurance card, in order to register and benefit from all the merits of the program. Customers in Dubai have the right to make observations and file complaints about health insurance services, by accessing Dubai Health Insurance Customer Service portal (iPROMeS) provided by Dubai Health Authority.

Accident insurance

In the event that the insured is exposed to any accident, this insurance pays an amount to the insured. It covers physical accident, death, disability, and more.

Insurance policy

It is a statement or document that guarantees its owner to obtain financial compensation from the insurance company, in the event that the person is exposed to a disaster or an accident that causes damage, but this policy obliges its owner to pay a sum of money every particular period called the premium or subscription. The insurance policy can be described as an insurance contract, as it includes all formulas available in any of the contracts.

In order for a person to insure his life or his money, this person shall have an insurance policy or what is called an “insurance contract”; so that the conditions written in this contract apply thereto, but this person undertakes to pay the premiums and subscriptions to the insurance company on time. In the event that the owner of the insurance policy does not pay the premiums on time, the individual loses his right to obtain insurance.

The obligation to pay ensures that the policy holder obtains his right to insurance without any procrastination or delay on the part of the company. The owner of this policy can terminate it before its due date. However, the insurance company in this case is not obligated to return the premiums paid.

Property insurance

It is fixed property insurance, such as insurance for cars, machinery, homes, factories…etc.

Occupational risk insurance in the UAE

Professionals such as engineers, accountants, consultants, and attorneys may be liable for damages that may be caused to their clients or a third party due to a breach of a specific duty towards the work they are required to accomplish, or due to some errors or negligence during work periods. Insurance House provides, through the “Professional Compensation Insurance” policy, the necessary coverage for professionals, in addition to covering the necessary legal expenses.

This policy may be designed to insure all projects during one year, or it may be designed to insure only one project, according to the insured’s choice. All employers in the UAE are legally obligated under Law No. 8 of 1980 to insure all their employees against losses, damages or injuries arising out of work and during its periods. This policy provides coverage against death, disability or medical expenses and the procedures are subject to the terms of the policy. Insurance House also provides a “workers’ insurance” policy with several benefits that vary according to the requirements of the insurance owner.

List of the ten largest insurance companies in the UAE

  • Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company
  • AXA Insurance
  • Dubai Islamic Insurance and Reinsurance Company “AMAN”
  • Methaq Takaful Insurance Company
  • RSA Insurance
  • Oman Insurance Company
  • Noor Takaful
  • Neuron Health Insurance
  • Next Care Health Insurance
  • Daman Insurance Company
  • Bupa Insurance Company

For all your inquiries and requests, we have in the office of Hassan Humaid Al Suwaidi, attorneys specialized in all fields of insurance, such as health insurance, insurance against accidents, insurance against fire, life insurance, and insurance against occupational risks in each of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

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