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Litigation and Dispute

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We have an innovative range of options and solutions where clients can choose from depending on the dispute. Our attorneys and legal advisors provide outstanding opinions and advice for settlement whether it involves individuals or companies. In the past, we have been able to resolve many disputes, thanks to our excellent knowledge of the means and keys of negotiation.

However, when a fair and satisfactory settlement cannot be reached, we can also protect the rights of our clients through litigation or arbitration. Litigation is the most used method for resolving disputes in the UAE. Our group of attorneys and legal consultants has employed a reliable team of attorneys supported by a number of legal advisors with extensive knowledge and experience in many legal aspects including pleading before all levels of courts; commercial, civil, criminal, labor and resolving corporate disputes.

Our team represents all clients in various courts; Courts of first instance, appeal and cassation in all the state.

Precautionary measures

Issuing orders confiscating the property, bank accounts, and balances of the defendants, banning travel, and so on. These orders are issued with the intent of preventing the defendant from concealing his property, fleeing the state, or avoiding executive actions.

Executing judicial rulings

We act through coercive measures to facilitate the investigation of the defendant’s property and bank accounts in order to enforce judicial decisions.

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