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Personal Status

About the court and its jurisdiction

One of the courts of first instance specialized in the courts of first instance. It is presided over by a president whose rank is not less than an appellate judge. The appellate judge follows in terms of administrative supervision to the head of the courts of first instance. The personal status court specializes in examining personal status cases, for example:

  • Muslims Personal Status
  • Non-Muslims Personal Status
  • Muslims Money Status
  • Non-Muslims Money Status
  • Muslims` legacies
  • Non-Muslims` Legacies
  • Letting in and out a Muslim heir
  • Letting in and out a non-Muslim heir
  • Testimonies and ratifications

About personal status claims

The court hears all cases and disputes related to personal status, such as cases of personal status such as divorce, alimony, custody, etc. The court also hears cases related to the status of money, such as cases of interdiction, appointment of trustees and dismissal, or permission to sell or invest the funds of minors and those in the same category, as well as the ratification of legal marriage contracts for Muslims and civil marriage contracts for non-Muslims, testimonies of wills, issuance of legal declarations, determination of heirs, registration of inheritance files for inventory and distribution, confirmation of agreements related thereto, issuance of divorce certificates, ratification of related agreements thereto and other testimonies related to the marital status of community members in the Emirate of Dubai according to legal jurisdiction.

Representation before the courts

The court is formed of partial judicial circuits headed by a single judge who manages and adjudicates them according to the sessions and dates set for each circuit, bearing in mind that all the sessions of these circuits are secret sessions that are attended only by the parties to the case and their legal agents and those authorized by the court such as witnesses, family arbitrators, experts or others.

Personal Status FAQ

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