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The ruling on alimony is one of the applicable provisions that change according to the change in the status of the person responsible for the alimony or the change in the economic situation and the change in living conditions, and the law stipulates the necessity of alimony and considers it (a debt in advance of other debts) and the text of the UAE Personal Status Law on the issue of alimony by Federal Law No. (28) for the year 2005 AD In the matter of personal status – marital alimony – the legislator decided that the wife’s alimony is proven since the date of the valid contract if she surrenders herself to him, even if legally. 

The wife has the right to take temporary alimony if her husband divorces her after a valid marriage of his own free will and without asking her, as stipulated in Article 140 of the Personal Status Law No. 28 of 2005: Unless she was asked, she deserved pleasure other than the maintenance of the waiting period, according to the husband’s condition, and not exceeding one year’s maintenance for her likes. 

The judge may divide it in installments according to the husband’s left or insolvency, and in assessing it, he shall take into account the harm that has befallen the woman.”

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