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In this article, we will explain the procedures for divorce in the Emirates in the light of Federal Law No. (28) of 2005 regarding the personal status and its amendments. ([1]) The institution of marriage is one of the constants that the Personal Status Law in the United Arab Emirates urges, but if the spouses differ, and the husband fails to fulfill the material and moral rights and duties required by the family, Islam has prescribed for the wife to demand the redemption of herself from the infallibility of her husband in return a financial compensation to be given by the husband, provided that the husband takes her off his infallibility in exchange for this redemption, and khul’ in the language is dispossession, and the man takes off his clothes if he takes it off, and the husband takes off his wife if he strips her of marital status, and khul’ is a decision issued by the wife and accordingly she files a lawsuit against her husband. In it, she explains that she has refrained from staying with him in the marital nest, and desires to separate from her and that she is ready to ransom herself by returning the husband’s dowry and giving up all her legal rights. 

This means that the divorce in exchange for the wife’s separation from her husband is compensation, so the husband takes compensation and separates his wife, whether this compensation is a little or a lot according to what they mutually agree upon. Together with the word khula only.

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