Commercial Law

If you are a creditor who is having a hard time collecting the money you are owed, or if you’re a debtor struggling to pay back your loans, a legal professional can be hired to amicably retrieve any outstanding debts or bounced cheques for the creditor or to settle the due amount on the debtor’s behalf, as a preliminary step before going to court.

We have a team of qualified lawyers that can help you recover unpaid debts by serving legal notices and directly reasoning with the debtor in an attempt to get them to pay the owed money. If hired by the debtor, our lawyers can negotiate with the creditor to persuade them to either extend the deadline for payment or to reduce the amount to be paid to them.

Dubai is a well-known international business center. Fatema ALShehhi Advocates & Legal Consultants has seen a rise in demand as advisors to several local and international firms on various issues, including mergers and acquisitions, by providing a tailored service that meets all Business needs. Our legal department has refined its skills in designing and analyzing contracts that safeguard the company’s interests as a result, it avoids mishaps during procedures. In the corporate world, advice and agreements are crucial. We’ve counseled several significant corporations on business-related legal concerns. Distribution Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Consulting Agreements, Agency Agreements, Copyright & Trademark Agreements, Joint Ventures, and Terms and Conditions of Sale are among the contracts that our lawyers review and prepare for corporate clients.

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