Criminal Law

The crime of theft is the unlawful appropriation of another person’s personal property and its transfer with the intent to deprive him of it. It is also referred to as theft and can consist of the following charges: theft, burglary, embezzlement, identity theft, and shoplifting. There are two types of theft: gross theft and petty theft. Aggravated robbery eg: When two armed people rob a house at night often leads to a felony charge. If convicted, you will be considered for life imprisonment, petty theft is theft without condoning the circumstances and can result in a misdemeanor charge. If convicted, you will be considered for at least 6 months in prison, fines, and probation. At the law firm Fatima Al Shehhi Advocates and Consultations, we defend all types of charges of theft crimes, whether they are minor crimes, aggravated crimes, or other crimes; dishonesty, fraud, deception, and others. The Penal Code regulates the crimes of theft under eighteen articles, starting from 381 to 398 of the Penal Code.

If you are accused of murder, homicide, assault, or any other violent crime, the best chance of a positive outcome for your case is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney and a well-educated, qualified attorney to represent you before the courts. At the law firm of Fatima Al Shehhi Advocates and Consultations, we provide our clients with excellent representation of violent crime cases right from the start. Our legal team will vigorously defend against charges of violent crime across the UAE. Our legal team will thoroughly investigate the violent crime charges against you and attempt to reduce any pretrial imprisonment. Criminal defense attorneys and attorneys at Fatima Al Shehhi Advocates and Consultations will protect your rights and will diligently prepare the best defense strategies for any of the following violent crimes with which you may be charged.

Financial crime is the unlawful misuse or fraud of cash, property, and/or tools. Also referred to as white-collar crime. Financial crimes include various charges such as embezzlement, credit card fraud, bank fraud, loan fraud, money laundering, bounced checks,s, and bribery, each charge regulated by a special law and its consequent penalty. When it comes to financial crime, we understand that there is plenty of room for misunderstanding and a lack of awareness of the ever-changing rules and regulations regarding financial crime. At the law firm Fatima Al Shehhi Advocates and Consultations, we defend all types of financial crime charges whatever the charge is. In the law firm of Fatima Al Shehhi Advocates and Consultations, we have sufficient experience in defending clients who find themselves under investigation or indictment in money laundering crimes. We have been successful in getting money laundering charges dismissed and returning confiscated property as part of a money-laundering investigation. Our legal team has the specific skills and knowledge needed to successfully defend individuals facing federal money laundering charges.

The crime of drug smuggling in Dubai can lead to a criminal charge. The definition of drug trafficking is the trafficking or dealing of illegal drugs and/or the sale or exchange of drugs. Heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and tramadol are the most common drugs found in drug smuggling cases. The laws of the United Arab Emirates impose severe punishment on this criminal anti-drug activity. The penalty can be up to life imprisonment and the death penalty if you are convicted a second time. Your rights and freedom may be at stake if you are accused of a drug crime in the UAE. Hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney will provide you with the best possible outcome for your drug smuggling case. A drug-trafficking conviction can lead to long-term incarceration. Our legal team at Fatima Al Shehhi Law Firm and Consultation has defended clients in the UAE Courts and achieved the best results in this field. Our legal team has the education and commitment to defend you against drug trafficking charges. Contact our offices today so that we can review the facts surrounding your case and establish a working relationship with you to ensure you get the best out of your drug smuggling case in Dubai.

Federal Decree-Law No. (20) of 2018 Concerning Countering Money Laundering Crimes and Combating the Financing of Terrorism and the Financing of Illegal Organizations This Federal Decree-Law constitutes a fundamental pillar in combating money laundering and terrorist financing crimes and enhancing the effectiveness of the legal and institutional framework in the UAE. Under the provisions of this law, any person who intentionally transferred or transferred proceeds with the intent of concealing or disguising their illegal source, or who acquired, possessed or used the proceeds upon receipt, or helped the perpetrator of the predicate crime to evade punishment, shall be deemed to have committed a money laundering crime. This Decree-Law approved the establishment of the National Committee for Combating Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism and the Financing of Illegal Organizations headed by the Governor of the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates. By law and its executive regulations.

Crimes committed on honor (sex crimes) are severely punished in the UAE and can be defined as the practice of a sexual act without the presence of marriage, whether it is consensual or coerced, where indecent assault with consent (consensual sex) is considered a crime in the United Arab Emirates. Some other examples of crimes committed on honor (sex crimes) besides consensual sex are the crime of rape, child sexual abuse, forced indecent assault, sex with animals, human trafficking, prostitution, incest, sexual harassment, and an indecent act in public. We at Fatima Al Shehhi Law Firm will defend your rights vigorously, and we believe that people make mistakes and that you deserve another chance, our lawyers will work to advance the charges against you, and they will seek positive results in your case.

The criminal law defines defamation when the accused declares that the victim has committed a crime or an incident that makes him an object of contempt in society, for example for someone to say to one of them: You stole valuable jewelry from the store last year, or you stole money belonging to another by way fraud, and so on. The penalty for the crime of defamation as regulated by the Penal Code in Articles 371 to 374 is imprisonment for a period of up to two years with a fine or one of them. The insult in the criminal law is for the accused to accuse the victim of insults to honor and consideration, without referring to an incident that actually occurred, for example, for someone to say to one of them: You are a thief or you are a thief, and leaving the matter of that attribution at all without specifying what it is.

Public authorities monitor various activities on the Internet to monitor cybercrime and search for perpetrators, and they can also issue an order to seize computers. Contrary to the popular belief that deleting a file or content from a computer makes the deleted file disappear forever, as the public authorities specialized in cybercrime possess specialized programs, time, and material capabilities to recover and retrieve any file or content that has been deleted or removed from the computer. Internet crimes include possession or distribution of pornography on the Internet, electronic piracy, fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft (username and password), as well as online extortion, fake online investment portfolios, lotteries, online gambling, and fraud by Internet auctions and fraud using forged documents online, and e-mail hacking, all of these acts constitute crimes whose perpetrators can be prosecuted according to the Law on Combating Information Technology Crimes No. 5 of 2012.

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